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  • lun, 16 juillet 2018

    La communauté de Sainte-Élisabeth suit attentivement la mission de paix au Mali

    Les liens entre les deux communautés remontent à 1985, lorsque l’organisme Jeunesse Canada Monde a lancé un appel aux municipalités intéressées à participer à un programme d’échange avec le Mali.

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    Source : Le Soleil

  • jeu, 20 juillet 2017

    Tears and laughter at Canada World Youth reunion

    Participants in the Canada World Youth reunion say they had an “absolutely wonderful time” revisiting Lillooet and catching up with their host families from 37 years ago.

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    Source : Lillooet News

  • mer, 3 mai 2017

    CWY sends indigenous youth to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and hosts event

    (Anglais seulement) Rita S. Karakas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada World Youth (CWY) and Arnold Blackstar, Director of Indigenous Programming, are proud to announce the participation of six indigenous youth at the 16th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII16), from 24 April to 5 May, 2017 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This is the third edition of the CWY United Nations Seminar, one of the four pillars of the CWY Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

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  • ven, 10 mars 2017

    ‘Daughters of the vote’ take seats in House of Commons

    “I envision a Canada that is fierce in its leadership and shows just how much every person is equal,” the 22-year-old, who also goes by her English name, Teanna Ducharme, told MPs who had gathered Tuesday to hear her address the House of Commons committee on the status of women.

    Teanna Ducharme is a CWY alumni.

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  • ven, 3 février 2017

    Vous êtes le changement

    Rafik Boualam, ancien personnel de terrain à Jeunesse Canada Monde.

    Comme vous le devinez à son nom, Rafik Boualam n’est pas né à Roberval. Je dis ça et c’est complètement con, on peut très bien s’appeler Boualam et naître n’importe où. La preuve, ses enfants sont nés à Montréal.

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    Source : La Presse

  • mer, 1 février 2017

    John Parisella reçoit deux décorations de l’UdeM

    John Parisella s’est vu décerner, le 30 janvier, la Médaille de l’Université de Montréal et l’Insigne du mérite de la Faculté des arts et des sciences (FAS) à l’occasion d’une rencontre du Centre d’études et de recherches internationales de l’UdeM (CERIUM) intitulée «Conversation privilégiée avec John Parisella: que faut-il attendre de la présidence Trump?»

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    Source : Université de Montréal nouvelles

  • jeu, 8 septembre 2016

    Reviving Canada Youth Exchange Program

    Youth up to the age of 35 could learn more about culture, thanks to the revival of the Canada Youth Exchange Program. The Philippines National Youth Commission and Canada World Youth signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recently.

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    Source : Asian Pacific Post

  • ven, 26 août 2016

    Humanitarian with incurable cancer ponders a life spent helping those in crisis

    (Anglais seulement) – In more than 25 years of humanitarian work, Alain Lapierre has lived among refugees in the Central African Republic, the only white man in a camp of 30,000; delivered a jumbo jet full of food into the middle of a war zone; steered his truck down streets littered with bodies left to rot in the sun; and even lost his office and all his possessions to a volcanic lava flow.

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    Source : Ottawa Citizen

  • jeu, 10 mars 2016

    The active role of civil society in Canada and the Philippines

    Canada and the Philippines both benefit from a tremendous reservoir of talent, energy and initiative in our respective civil society or not-for-profit sectors.  Civil society organizations (CSOs) continue to flourish in the Philippines and are active across a range of sectors.  Canada too, has a strong base of CSOs active both at home and abroad. Many Canadians relish the opportunity to volunteer and work overseas through such organizations, helping those less fortunate than themselves.


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    Source : The Philippine Star

  • mar, 17 novembre 2015

    Canadian doctor saw scenes of tragedy, human strength while treating migrants on Mediterranean

    When he climbed aboard the rickety wooden ship, Dr. Simon Bryant had no idea what awaited him below deck.

    Dozens of bodies, half-submerged in dirty bilge water, floated in and out of the small circle of light from his headlamp.

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